In my quest for DIY wedding decoration ideas I became obsessed with paper art. There is so much beautiful paper-cut art out there but understandably it is expensive, after all it is someone’s (very time consuming!) labour of love. I wanted to find something to create some interesting light jars for our wedding table that wasn’t going to take too long and after much searching I realised Rob Ryan’s laser cut greetings cards were ideal. After a bit of trimming they were the perfect size for these Kilner jars we already had. Cards from the crafters’ treasure trove that is Fred Aldous, and photo by the very talented Lucy x

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30 Seconds of Fame

logoI did another little DIY piece for the lovely people at Crafty Magazine in December’s issue. You’ll have to buy it to see it in it’s full glory, but they also asked me some questions and I answered here. Taking my 30 seconds of fame :-)

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Rockin’ Christmas

parkerknoll_rockingchairsDrooling. I picked up two of these glorious Parker Knoll rocking chairs on ebay a while back for less than the price of a turkey. They don’t look like this….yet. The springs need replacing and one of the rockers has fallen off but they are next on my hit list and oh I can’t wait.

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The Bells!

wedding hands_crop2Recently I got married. Planning a wedding is a crafter’s dream…or so I originally thought. Six months of glorious projects! By month two of planning I had grand designs on a paper crafted wonderland similar to this Chanel show, punctuated with a touch of british eccentricity and illustration. Think Rory Dobner. Well, by month three we had only just chosen a venue. Month four we hadn’t even actually invited any guests yet. Month five I had two wedding dresses and was no closer to having made a decision on which one to wear. Month six…oh c**p. Well you get the idea! Needless to say my wedding grand designs didn’t quite evolve as originally thought but we still had a fabulous weekend with some hand made touches and it didn’t matter. Finding time to craft is hard especially if you work as well, but it’s my post-wedding, pre-Christmas, anti-New-Years resolution to find the time. It makes me happy and who can argue with that.

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Crafty by Name

craft-blog-crafty-magazine-coversHow good does this magazine look? Good enough to frame and hang next to your toilet. I agree! Crafty magazine was launched last month and last week issue two came out. As a contributor in the first two issues I am slightly biased, but I honestly think the magazine is a breath of fresh air in the world of craft magazines. It’s full of a variety of projects which are ‘do-able’, some of which can be done with stuff you already have, and also plenty of inspiration from people who are living the crafty dream. You need it in your life. I do.

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One Chair, Four Ways


Before I even had a house to call my own, I dreamt about owning furniture like these Ercol armchairs. Well lucky for me I moved in with someone who inherited not just one, but three of them! For years they sat untouched with the old cushions on; the foam disintegrating, still in the original flowery covers which at some point in their lifetime had been dyed orange probably to cover stains, and so our sins of laziness were always just covered with throws. What a waste! Well, I finally got round to getting new foam measured up for them and created some new covers (for just one of them so far). Each cushion has a different fabric on each side so they can be just turned round in four different combinations if we fancy a bit of a change.

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Turning Tables


Take an Ikea changing table bought for £10 off ebay (which was actually perfectly nice before I got my hands on it), give it a bit of a paint job and this changing table was well and truly changed. These handles are from Anthropologie who have some really GORGEOUS knobs and handles. I’d be embarrassed to admit how long I looked through them all before I could choose. Yes, I know they may just be handles….but I enjoyed it! I have a bit of a crush on their home-wares.

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A Shade Above


I don’t know about you but we seem to have endless amounts of lamps in our house. A room gets redecorated and lamps get banished to a cupboard or are put in a corner where you can’t even to reach them to turn them on. Making fabric lampshades is a surprisingly quick and easy way to give new life to old lamps, and you can re-use the rings from an old lampshade or they are available from many good craft shops. Then a bit of fabric and some good old sticky back plastic and you’re away!

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Ahoy Captain


This armchair taught me one big lesson; don’t attempt a relatively demanding upholstery project when 8 months pregnant! Actually I am surprised bambino didn’t make an early exit in protest as I heaved and hammered my way through this. The owner of this lovely family heirloom (with child’s sized foot hole in the worn leather seat) was redecorating her living room so knew exactly what she wanted when it came to the colour of the fabric and the upholstery nails, and I was more than happy to oblige. I couldn’t resist making and adding a sunny little bolster cushion before handing it back over though. It’s all about that yellow again.

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Well…who would have thought having another tiny person to look after could dominate every spare minute of your time, leave you feeling like you’ll never sleep properly again EVER, and still be the best thing you have ever created? NOT ME. Ok, I had an inkling it would be hard work but I still had grand ideas of maternity leave being spent crafting away for hours on end while a content baby slept soundly to the hum of my sewing machine. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? How foolish I was. Finally i’m back online, feeling relatively compos mentis and ready to create something other than an endless stream of washing!

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