Curly Wurly World

It’s been a while, as it seems this preparing for baby business takes lots of buying of things, moving of things, fixing of things and more importantly getting rid of things to make way for other things! No amount of space is ever enough space. Anyway, Ian and I have also been busy painting bambino’s room. The room isn’t wide enough to get one full shot but you get the idea; rolling hills, curly trees and a whirly sun. What can I say, we just love a good mural. I’ve got a couple more projects on the go too so I won’t leave it so long next time……

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Viva La (anti-ikea) Revolution

Another finished re-upholstery project and one I almost didn’t want to let go of. Top right is this velour beauty before it’s makeover. Thanks to Liz Haydn for this project and for giving me artistic license on it…it was a scary challenge doing it for a woman who helps people with their style and image for a living!

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Spring is in the air

Yellow is without doubt my favourite colour. Deep, rich, golden shades of yellow. In particular I love the contrast it can create. My most worn (and so replaced) item of clothing is a yellow cardigan I put on when I am unimpressed with the rest of my not-so-cheery wardrobe…it’s like my superhero cape. So anyway, I was particularly pleased when I was asked to create these spring-like cushions for the lovely Sandie at High Peak Life Coaching, the only request being that they were yellow!

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Back to the Future

This Back to the Future project by photographer Irina Werning has been doing the rounds in blog-land recently and that’s because it’s a great idea. Some are cute, some funny, and some are just a little bit weird! I love stuff that gives me new ideas for adorning my own walls. Hmmmm…now where are those photos of my other my other half and his bespectacled baby-face?

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Dressing for Summer?

It might only be February, and so far a pretty damn cold one in Manchester…but here is a super cute child’s sundress I made last year.  It was my first foray into making an item of clothing (besides cut-off denim shorts and that doesn’t count!), and I got this really simple pattern from a lovely lady here. Now to find something I can actually make and wear myself!

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Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

I’ve been pretty slow off the marks this January, in fact almost going backwards, but now i’m just about ready for 2011. For a warm up here are some fairly secretive shots of parts of our new hallway mural. It’s not quite finished yet, but like the grandfather clock nearly every element serves a purpose…all will be revealed when it is!

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Early Christmas

I literally cannot wait for our (permanently disgruntled) postman to deliver this gorgeous colour study locket on the left. This particular one is part of a series which is a collaboration between Verabel Jewellery and the multi-talented Alyson Fox. I can quite honestly say there is not one thing in the Verabel shop that I wouldn’t buy, or wear, all at the same time if need be…

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Dharma Chair

Stand, Forget, Breathe, Acknowledge & Observe. Don’t mind if I do. I think I might be a couple of years behind at spotting this one, but I like it nonetheless. More ways to bring typography into the home please.

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City Lights

I’ve been lucky enough to have attended a few courses at the Ministry of Craft in Manchester, and every time I have come away with something else for the house that I love and looooads of new ideas. Attendance is dangerous though; as a result I have since invested in a screen-printing kit, a wood burning tool, some lampshade rings, the list goes on….damn this creating can be an expensive business! I made this lampshade on one of the courses from flexi veneer, some sticky back plastic and a very hot thing, and I adore it.

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Mural High Ground

This hand drawn hallway mural by Charlotte Mann makes me want to get the black markers out and instantly start scrawling on the walls. So much so, that we are eventually going to attempt some kind of mural in our hallway. Ok, so nothing as phenomenal as this but watch this space!

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